Program 1: I + YOU = WE

The First Program for the Development of Marital Relationship: I+YOU=WE  answers those questions and many, many more.

The Program, developed by Fr. Jarosław Szymczak and Agnieszka Rogalska, consists of 6 thematic parts. Each of them entails:

  1. LECTURE based on actual experience through decades of marriage counseling
  2. DYNAMIC WORKSHOP which lets the participants experience the content of the lecture.
  3. INDIVIDUAL COUPLE DIALOGUE – time reserved especially for a husband-and-wife conversation.

The Program is an excellent interpersonal training for married couples. Fr. Jarosław Szymczak, Director of the Archbishop Majdanski's Institute for Studies on the Family, will lead you through the lectures with both a sense of humor and an overtly pragmatic approach. You will be given professional and clear training materials, including workshop materials, insightful interpersonal tests, practical prompts, and resources for self-study.

The topics were selected on the basis of the problems identified by married couples. The contents draw on the research in psychology, Catholic anthropology by Karol Wojtyła (St. John Paul II), and personal experience of the Programs’ Authors.

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Program 2: We+Family

Program 2 addresses the spouses as potential and actual parents and situates them within the wider context of relationships with their families of origin and parents-in-law. It also helps them define their unique identity as a particular family: 

  1. Decision on Parenthood
  2. Parenthood as Gift for Marriage
  3. Marriage as Foundation for Parenthood
  4. Our Marriage within Generations – Looking Back
  5. Compass of Values
  6. Our Marriage within Generations – Looking Ahead
  • Pakiz Testimonial

    In February, 2011, my fiancee, Kristina, and I attended a retreat in Omaha, Nebraska, sponsored by the Pope Paul VI Institute. The retreat was given by Fr. Jay Szymczak from the Institute of Family Studies in Poland.   Read More...

  • Tejda Testimonial

    My wife and I attended the I + YOU = WE retreat in Omaha, Nebraska from February 9-12, 2012. I can say, without reservation, that it is the marriage retreat that has actually produced the longest lasting fruits of any retreat in our life. Fr.   Read More...

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